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A one week series of workshops to help you get your consumer startup funded faster.

Feb 21-25. Totally free. Sign up today.







You're currently fundraising pre-seed or seed, or will be within the next 3 months

You have recently launched a consumer product, or will be launching  in 2022

You're either revenue generating or want to test your pricing and revenue model

You're aiming to scale

rapidly during


Timeline & Content

70% of startups in Seed Sprint Summer '21 reported an increase in their customer acquisition metrics.

Stressed Woman

Supporting founders from all backgrounds

We know investors want the returns that margin-heavy companies can offer, which is why so many B2B SaaS startups get funded. Recent Atomico data shows that B2B unicorns overtook B2C for the first time in 2021, and US investors are flocking to Europe to invest in B2B Saas. 


When looking through our data, we saw that 71% of women led businesses in our previous cohorts were building consumer focused startups, and this stat, paired with Atomico’s findings that under 2% of funding went to women-led startups in 2020 indicate a significant misalignment between the types of companies getting funded and those that women are founding.

Seed Sprint: Week2Work is focused on helping consumer businesses to generate the metrics and demonstrate the necessary growth needed to win over investors, helping you compete with margin-heavy Saas, whilst changing the face of successful founders in our ecosystem.

Consumer business wanting to win over investors, but not sure what metrics they want to see?


Want to understand how to tackle growth marketing for market saturation? Want to demonstrate a pricing strategy that favours rapid growth? Want to prove to investors that you can compete with the B2B businesses? Seed Sprint: Week2Work, brought to you alongside our partners SeedLegals is here to tackle all that. 


Seed Sprint: Week2Work is a free-to-join one week sprint open to consumer startups seeking pre-seed and seed investment. Taking place for two hours a day between 21-25 February 2022, each day founders will join a one hour expert talk, designed to strengthen your investment proposition followed by a one hour peer feedback session.  Founders will be also report their daily progress for a chance of pitching live at our Demo Day event.

Colleagues Working Together




What metrics do consumer VCs want to see at pre-seed and seed? We bring a consumer VC in to talk about what early metrics they want to see, and take your questions. 




How do you tackle Growth Marketing as a consumer business for market saturation? We bring a scaleup growth marketer who's 'been there, done that' to share their top tips and tricks, and take your questions.




How do you validate that your pricing strategy is right for rapid scale? We talk to pricing experts about the best B2C pricing approach



Business Models

B2C, B2B2C, B2C + B2B? Does your business model favour rapid growth? Could diversifying create a new proposition? We bring a recently funded startup who's changed tact on their business model to share their story and take your questions. 



Pitching for Investment

What do investors really think when looking through your deck? Five startups will pitch live to an investor in front of the cohort for feedback.

Seed Sprint first launched in Summer '21 to support 300+ fundraising startups. It was so successful, we knew we had to repeat it and open up to more founders. Check out the successes from Cohort 1.



Tersha Willis
Co-Founder, Terrible

"Of all the companies, VC's, advisors and mentors we have worked with on our journey growing terrible* Spice has been the most useful, inspirational, educational and provided the most relevant support. This is the most important community we've been privileged enough to be a part of!"

ross ducat.jpeg

Ross Ducat,
Founder, InLights App

"Spice has been a massive help…the value is really in the network that you get access to - it's full of driven founders and the energy is infectious! Really nice people and a really nice vibe, I wouldn't be where I am today without Spice!"


Omair Ahmed
Founder, Neurometry

"Spice enabled us to benchmark our growth in a community of startups. Alongside investors being involved in, they helped us accelerate our transformation from idea into a business where healthy internal competition was a great motivator. Spice and the dialogue with their ecosystem, contributed to achieving several innovation awards and thereby financing. They're fantastic!"

Delivery Team

Seed Sprint: Week2Work will be organised and delivered by the SeedLegals and Spice Startup team, alongside additional expert speakers.

Anthony Rose
Founder, SeedLegals

MA Headshot.jpg

M.A Coyle
Co-Founder, Spice Startups


Perdie Alder
Co-Founder, Spice Startups


More speakers to be announced

  • Once I have registered, does that mean I am part of the sprint?"
    Yes, once you have submitted your registration typeform, you are part of the Sprint and will get an email from our team with next steps
  • Does it cost anything to join Post Seed Sprint?
    No, Post Seed Sprint is free of charge to all startups
  • What is the weekly time requirement to be a part of Post Seed Sprint?
    The purpose of Post Seed Sprint is to give you key, actionable information in the most time efficient manner possible, to give you plenty of time to take action. Each week there is two hours of content, a one hour session each Monday in October between 10am and 11am, and a one hour weekly peer meetup each Friday in October from 10am to 11am.
  • What happens if I need to miss one of the weekly sessions?
    Don't worry. The weekly sessions are there to keep you on track, but if you need to miss a session you can catch up. If you missed one of the Monday talks, they will be recorded and you can watch the replay on YouTube (links will be sent around to all participants post-event). The Friday Action Learning sessions won't be recorded, but you'll be joining a Slack group with your Action Learning peer group and can catch up there.
  • I have a co-founder, can we both join Post Seed Sprint? And do we register separately?"
    Yes, you can absolutely bring more than one founder along to benefit from the workshops and community spirit of Post Seed Sprint. Everyone that registers will receive email correspondence about the Sprint, so if you have registered, you can pass this onto your co-founders.
  • I am pre-seed, am I at the right stage to benefit from Post Seed Sprint?"
    Seed Sprint's weekly content is specifically designed for startups who have just raised their pre-seed or seed round. Founders will get the most out of the sessions if you have capital to deploy, and are looking at scaling their product and team. If you’re earlier or slightly later than this, you are still welcome to attend the sessions for education and the community.
  • Will I meet the other startups during Post Seed Sprint?
    Absolutely. You'll connect with your fellow founders each Friday to share your tips and best practice. We're also inviting all founders to our Slack and Whatsapp group, where you’ll be able to ask questions, share tips and resources, and have a group of likeminded people for additional support.
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