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Announcing the 30 high growth startups on our Q4 Hot List

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

If you’ve followed us for the past year, you’ll know our quarterly Hot List’s are our way of connecting the top startups in our community with our investor network.

We’ve seen first hand how the current fundraising process is built for and from Sand Hill Road and relies on personal intros and pedigrees. Spice’s unique positioning in the ecosystem means we interact daily with founders and investors, and we’ve seen how this current approach has now become antiquated, and a real inhibitor of growth and diversity (diversity in the traditional sense of the word, background and thought).

While part of our initial intention with the Hot List was simply to help get founders funded, faster, behind the scenes, this has also been an “MVP” of what we’ll be launching in the first half of 2022. As anyone familiar with startups knows, testing hypotheses and assumptions is key pre-launch.

We developed and shared these lists to take the first step of achieving our larger mission - to create the infrastructure needed to advance the growth and scale of pre-seed and seed stage companies worldwide. Going forward, we’ll be doing this in two ways, through programming and through our new product, Hotbed. Sign up here to find out more about Hotbed, and get involved, as a founder, investor, or partner.

Our Q4 Hot List.

Check out our all-star roster of startups below. Want more details about their fundraise? Our friends over at SeedLegals have created Pitch, a free tool that enables founders to create a page on SeedLegals which contains their company information at-a-glance for investors. Click on the startup’s name to get through to their SeedLegals pitch page.

Investors, if you want to view more information, complete the form here and we’ll send you our detailed Hot List which contains key growth metrics, revenue information, round information (including commitments) and contact details. Please note, all data is provided by the founders, and we are not charging for any intros from founders or investors.


Strabo: Building a portfolio tracker for the modern, global citizen to track, manage, and control all their finances in one place.

Gridlock: Secure and simple crypto/NFT storage platform built upon advanced TSS cryptography.

CyberPie: Creating a suite of tools that through microtasks and one-bite-at-a-time education puts the microbusiness owner in control of their cybersecurity.

Lenkie (website): Lenkie enables platforms to offer embedded lending solutions to their business users.

Bayfikr: Bayfikr connects loved ones living apart, empowering migrants to make instant, convenient and cost-effective C2B payments in their home countries


Pharma Sentinel (product Medsii): provides targeted and timely medicines & health information to users and enables Health experts around the world to monetise their knowledge, network, & help others.

UKURE: A digital platform for cancer patients to find, compare and book cancer specialists and supportive services

One Million Steps: A SaaS-enabled marketplace (SEM) for event creators, built for launching personal, corporate and charitable health and wellbeing challenge events at scale with multi-sector applicability.

MyMynd (website): A B2B digital mental health platform offering a consistent approach to identify issues early and directing appropriate support precisely where needed

The Safe Aesthetic Practitioner (SafeAP) (website): an industry leading mobile application that provides an online marketplace bringing together qualified aesthetic practitioners and clients looking for non-surgical/medical aesthetic treatments.


terrible*: Increasing revenue for creators with a platform to source and sell to fans

NOICE Care: NOICE takes the best of nature to make effective & zero-waste oral care products that are good for the people and for the planet. Delivered right at your doorstep!

FroHub: Reshaping the way the Afro hair and beauty community connects

Broadn: An app that surfaces knowledge from podcasts, videos and newsletters in 5-10 minute clips, allowing anyone to learn from experts about topics they care about.

Marketplace / Platform

Tenner: Enabling sports organisations to captivate and monetise their fans by launching their own customisable digital fan engagement experiences.

Unigigster: Making it easy for businesses to give out small, flexible, temp work that does not require subject matter expertise to young university students

EverKnock: Taking the stress out of moving home by empowering buyers with instant access to knowledge, tools and all moving services in one place.

Tutti: The "Airbnb of creative spaces"

WeFindFlats: WeFindFlats is a B2B platform for data and tech-enabled flat searches for employees relocating for their job.

Luna (website): An app that educates, empowers and supports young girls and non-binary people aged 11 - 16 through puberty.


Palco: Bringing video entertainment to the next level by allowing media companies, telcos and brands to create interactive video live shows

Adadot: Helping teams increase performance and wellbeing by analysing productivity and collaboration data

EpiFunny Education: A mobile app for learning English, corrected by a virtual assistant in real time.

Imaginario: AI-powered web app helping businesses turn long video and audio recordings into accurate highlights for effective marketing and internal communication.

Omnifia (website): Integrate all of your applications, cut through the noise and instantly turn workplace information into knowledge.

BizNest: Concept validation framework for tech teams to plan experiments, speak with customers and analyse their data all in one place.

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