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Bitsize tips for your B2C startup

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Two weeks ago, we teamed up with SeedLegals to support 200+ B2C pre-seed and seed stage startups with 5 days of content and peer-to-peer sessions designed to equip B2C startups with the knowledge and strategy needed to fundraise and grow.

Each day focused on a different aspect of growth, including which metrics to focus on, how to enter a market with £0 budget, the art of pricing, business model strategy and of course, pitch practice. At the end of the day, founders submit updates on what they’ve worked on, and what their challenges were.

Below is a snapshot of the top unexpected learnings our startups reported:

  • A typical Google Slides deck won’t cut it. Use Canva, VistaCreate or a deck designer.

  • Cold outreach on LinkedIn actually works. A number of our participants and speakers found angel investors on LI.

  • Both pricing and marketing should be shaped by what the customer values, and it’s very likely this is different from what you think they value. Spend as much time speaking to and understanding your users/customers as possible.

  • Community + targeted niches > paid advertising.

  • Many startups reported getting feedback they were raising too little and are possible underestimating the costs or undervaluing their work.

  • Optimise for engagement above (almost) all else.

  • Why you’re priced above or below competitors needs to be part of your narrative. It shouldn’t be explicitly stated, but it should be clear.

Investor looking for B2C startups? Read on for a list of 20 startups (links to their SeedLegals Pitch Page included).

Little Nudge An app to help people build confidence through AI based coaching. Pitch page here.

We the Bookie We the Bookie is an online sports betting site that will build a global community of loyal customers by giving them half the monthly gross revenues. Pitch page here.

Ripen A platform for app inventors to anonymously validate their tech ideas with potential customers, connecting with collaborators and investors to bring their concepts to life. Pitch page here.

Infinite Closet Infinite Closet is a clothing rental service focused on independent ethical and sustainable designer brands, delivered right to your door. Pitch page here.

Doqit A smart personal assistance to manage your life admin.

SkilledUp Life Free talent (Volunteers) for tech startups. Pitch page here.

ETHOSA Ltd ETHOSA is on a mission to thoughtfully disrupt the beauty & personal care industry with waterless products that set new standards for sustainability. Pitch page here.

Langoo The world-leading AI-driven test-prep solution for language certifications. Pitch page here.

The Indy Cellar The Indy Cellar is an online marketplace for independent drinks producers. Pitch page here.

Imagine Experiences ltd Creating experiences for the endemic traveller to enjoy more experiential days out in place of the outdated, passive tours designed for the international tourist of 30 years ago. Pitch page here.

Reveal My Food Nutritional software and digital menu for restaurants to serve all diners' dietary requirements (allergens, nutrition goal, lifestyles). Pitch page here.

Dylogic (After Cloud) We are an innovative tech for good company, who build apps for societal need and positive social impact in both Adult and Children's services. Pitch page here.

Qimsa Qimsa aims to bring health into our food by becoming an important player in the tasty plant based protein health snacks space. Pitch page here.

NEED Vegan Ice Cream Best ice cream sandwiches on the UK market. Pitch page here.

Porthos & Co Bespoke finance for the entrepreneurial through complete information - cash to private shares and property - to prove affordability at scale. Pitch page here.

DearReal Safety, behaviour and telling the truth in a viral dating app. Pitch page here.

Wyzr Fintech L imited An AI-driven platform that automatically plans finances to simplify saving and investing to meet life's goals. Pitch page here.

Legateca Innovative and affordable online legal platform. Pitch page here.

Huggnote Huggnote turns songs into virtual hugs to send to anyone, anywhere to instantly make their day.

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