We regularly host events on funding, pitching and meeting investors. Forget generic startup advice. Our events are tactical, candid and well, just way more fun. 

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Are you a startup founder actively seeking investment, and looking to meet angels investing in early stage Saas companies? This is your chance to get in front of 10 angels 1:1, or 5 angels and a whole audience of potential customers! Apply to join one (or both!) of the following Need For Seed events, hosted with SeedLegals and Spice Startups https://bit.ly/38wcgCt

15 APRIL 16:00 - 17:30: NEED FOR SEED B2C SAAS
Pitch a panel of 5 investors in Saas in front of a live (virtual) audience!


You'll have 3 minutes to pitch, followed by 7 minutes of Q&A. At the end of your presentation, investors will give you a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" to a follow up meeting on the spot. You'll leave the event with tactical advice to help with your next pitch and hopefully, a few follow up meetings! Apply https://bit.ly/38wcgCt


As the event will be streamed to Youtube, you'll also have your product showcased to the audience.

29 APRIL 16:00 - 17:30: NEED FOR SEED B2B SAAS
10 SaaS founder. 10 SaaS investors. 10 1:1 meetings in Zoom breakout rooms.


You'll have 5 minutes with each investor to explain who you are, what you're working on and why they should invest. Apply https://bit.ly/38wcgCt


***2 of the founders at our last 1:1 investor:founder event closed their funding round with investors they met at the event within 30 days***


Tired of pitching investors? Let the investors pitch you! 

Catch the replay of Inverse Reverse Pitch, which we hosted with SeedLegals.

Hear from partners at Notion Capital, Forward PartnersForce Over Mass Capital, Community Growth Ventures and JamJar Investments. 

Hosted with our partners at SeedLegals, Pitch Perfect features 5 growing startups pitching SeedLegals founder, Anthony Rose.

Watch the replay to hear raw and honest feedback which you can use to improve your own pitch.

We'll be hosting another Pitch Perfect shortly - so stay tuned!

Watch six of the UK's hottest HeathTech startups pitch a panel of early-stage HealthTech investors to write a cheque for their current round.


Investors from Octopus Ventures, IQ Capital, and three healthtech angels had their chequebooks at the ready during this exciting "HealthTech Edition" of Need For Seed, hosted by SeedLegals and Spice Startups.

Catch the replay here.